Callaghan Valley Training Centre partners with Mizuno

Callaghan Valley Training Centre partners with Mizuno for training apparel and footwear
July 22, 2013

(Whistler, BC) – Mizuno Canada is showing their support of the Callaghan Valley Training Centre (CVTC) by providing footwear and summer training clothing for the team.

Rollerski Maintenance

By: Graham Maclean

Most people do zero maintenance on their roller skis.  This is alright most of the time but there are a few things that should be checked for safety.

Utah Living

By: Colin Foley

Our trip to Salt Lake City started early on morning of the 8th with the team piling into the van and settling in for the long drive to Boise, Idaho. It didn’t take long for us to realize that this was going to be a very hot trip when it was 36° at 6 o’clock at night in Idaho. After 5 more hours of driving (a total of 18) we arrived at our condo in Park City, Utah.

Whistler Question: CVTC Introduces Team for Upcoming Season

Alanna Kelly
Special to The Question

The Callaghan Valley Training Centre (CTVC) officially introduced its team for the 2013-14 season in a reception held Sunday (July 7) in Whistler. All nine cross-country skiing athletes named to the team are aspiring to qualify for the world championships in their respective categories.

Callaghan Valley Training Centre motivated for success in 2013/14

July 8, 2013

(Whistler, BC) – The Callaghan Valley Training Centre (CVTC) has united en masse for the first time of the 2013/14 season in Whistler, BC.  The official team announcement and introduction took place on Sunday, June 8 at the Cinnamon Bear Bar and Grille.

CVTC Update

By: Martin Schrama

With the snow gone the team has brought out the running shoes, rollerskis and bikes for some quality summer training, June was packed with Threshold intensity, strength, testing, and Volunteering. We even got out for a couple days with WORCA to learn some trail building skills we later on used on our own new trail.

Cross-Country Skier Heads West

Bayshore Broadcasting

(Goderich) - A Goderich-based cross-country skier with ties to the Collingwood area is about to embark on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Read more here:

Ben's Story

- By: Benjamin Osorio

Over the past few months, I have been working hard to make enough money to afford the Callahan Valley Training Centre. I have been working for my stepfather, Steve, who is developing a subdivision close to my home. The labour has included odd jobs such as felling and chopping trees, clearing and chipping brush, and various carpentry projects. The work, while enjoyable, has been physically taxing and should prepare me well for the training to come in BC.

Plyometric Strength

- By Chris Manhard

Are you looking for some easy-to-do strengthening exercises to keep your muscles ski-ready this summer?  Look no further.  CVTC Head Coach, Chris Manhard offers these two suggestions.

Lateral Hops with Jumps:
* Begin standing on one leg with a straight knee.
* Bend knee and push off with full foot ("sideways"), jumping to other foot about 3-5 feet away.
* Land on opposite foot, jump off toe into the air as high as possible before landing on same foot.
* Continue cycle.


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