Blog from Liam Patterson

As this being my first blog post I have some catch up to do because it has been a busy few months and I regret that I hadn't made time earlier to start up this blog. However,  I would now like to take some time and review briefly the highlights which I have had being on CVTC and living out west. I will then proceed to a more detailed description of what the Frozen Thunder scene consisted of.

Blog from Andrew Avis

As the start of October rolled around, it was evident that fall was in the air here in Whistler. The mountains already had their first snowfall back in September and the leaves were lying on the trails. This could only mean one thing - Winter is on its way!

Visiting "The Thunder"

The CVTC team is just back from a week-long visit to the fabled "Frozen Thunder" in Canmore, Alberta.  The Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park started the snow storage project in 2009 and it has grown annually since.  This year was the CVTC's first training camp to Frozen Thunder and they enjoyed a week of training on the 2.5 km loop.

Whistler Olympic Park Summertime Fun

There are many poeple who think that the Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley is not as much of a recreational wonderland in the summer as it is in the winter.  They are wrong.

With more than 40 km of biking, hiking and horseback riding trails, interpretive tours, and a fully functioning biathlon range and roller ski trails, the Whistler Olympic Park is an amazing place to visit in the summer.  There is event camping for the avid outdoorspeople.

Chasing Cherries, and the Benefits of Ice Cream

By: Shannon Thompson, Sweet Performance

I did a three day camp working with the Callaghan Valley Cross Country Ski Team, on Hornby Island, this spring. Now, you may be excused for wondering where the snow can be found on Hornby Island! Clearly, this was a team cohesion camp, and dry-land excursions were on tap.

Product Review: Mizuno Trail Running Shoes

If you are someone who is looking into getting a new pair of trail running shoes, you should definitely be looking into Mizuno Shoes. They have two options for trail runners, the Mizuno Wave Ascend and the Wave Evo Ferus. Both are great shoes but each have their benefits. The Wave Evo Ferus is a bit lighter and a shoe designed for a runner that midfoot strikes, meaning they land on the ball of their foot. The Ascend has a bit more support and designed for people who land more on the back of their foot (heel) as the shoe has more cushion in the heel. Summary on CVTC

This is the first of four previews providing an inside look at Canada’s national training centres and their respective senior teams this season. We asked coaches to tell us what’s new, whom to look out for, and the outlook on the winter ahead.

Cross Country Skier Training in Whistler and Utah

(Goderich, ON) - Aspiring competitor Andrew Avis of Goderich is still new to cross-country skiing -- and is developing his technique in some of the continent's most famous venues for the sport.



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