Product Review: Mizuno Trail Running Shoes

If you are someone who is looking into getting a new pair of trail running shoes, you should definitely be looking into Mizuno Shoes. They have two options for trail runners, the Mizuno Wave Ascend and the Wave Evo Ferus. Both are great shoes but each have their benefits. The Wave Evo Ferus is a bit lighter and a shoe designed for a runner that midfoot strikes, meaning they land on the ball of their foot. The Ascend has a bit more support and designed for people who land more on the back of their foot (heel) as the shoe has more cushion in the heel.

For myself, the Wave Evo Ferus was the optimal shoe. When I initially found out how light they were I was concerned about the level of comfort or durability they might have. But any worries I might have had were silenced very quickly. Right away you realize that they have not sacrificed any comfort in this shoe. The hard rubber on the sole makes it so that you don’t feel any rocks poking you from underneath. The cross pattern on the sole makes them grip even in wet conditions. When you run in these shoes you can really tell that they have thought of every detail to make these lightweight as well as comfortable and durable.

However, the Evo Ferus has minimal cushioning on the heel compared to a regular shoe so if you are not adjusted to a forefoot running style I would suggest going with the Wave ascend.

The Wave Ascend is the shoe the majority of our team uses and its gotten great reviews all around. It has more support and durability than the Evo Ferus without sacrificing the lightweight quality that Mizuno is known for. This is a shoe that can be worn on the 4-hour hikes that are team has done, or in short 3 minute intervals. Either of these shoes are perfect for someone looking to take on anything from dirt paths to the rugged trails found here in Whistler.

Submitted by: Colin Foley

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