Race Report: Sprinting in the West

The field at Western Canadian Championships has proved to be thin, but tough.  National Team skier, Phil Widmer, lead the qualifer, but only 23 men toed the line, meaning that all would qualify through into the quarter-final heats.  CVTC showed up, nonetheless, and swepte the top four positions in the junior men category in the qualifier, setting up for a very blue round of heats.

Due to the small field, the open men and junior men all raced the heats together so a solid-blue final was out of the cards for CVTC juniors.  CVTC ended up with usual distance specialist, Geoffrey Richards, fighting in the final, ending up 6th overall.  In the B-Final, four of the six contenders were from CVTC and Martin Schrama came out on top, followed closed by Colin Foley, Paul Dupuis and Sebastian Dandurand.  When asked about his recent sprinting prowess, Richards commented, "I just felt really good today and I like to ski classic.  I guess the slightly longer course was in my favour, as was the relaxed atmosphere."

While the final was not solid-blue, the Junior men podium was solid blue as the awards were separated.  Colin Foley, Sam Morris and Andrew Avis represented for CVTC.

Overall, it was a solid day of classic sprinting for the CVTC team. 

CVTC Summary Results
Martin Schrama - Qualifier 7th, Final 7th
Geoffrey Richards - Qualifer 11th, Final 6th
Sebastian Dandurand - Qualifier 12th, Final 10th
Sam Morris - Qualifier 13th (1st Junior), Final 14th
Colin Foley - Qualifier 15th (2nd Junior), Final 8th
Paul Dupuis - Qualifier 16th, Final 9th
Andrew Avis - Qualifier 17th (3rd Junior), Final 16th
Liam Patterson - Qualifier 19th (4th Junior), Final 19th
Benjamin Osorio - Qualifier 21st, Final 21st

Qualifier Results: http://zone4.ca/results.asp?ID=6490&cat=944

Final Results:  http://zone4.ca/results.asp?ID=6495&cat=125

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