2013 Ski Nationals - Day 6

It was another fantastic day for the CVTC at cross country ski national championships.  Although the team did not win any medals, all nine of the athletes qualified into the top-30 and finished in the top-25 in the classic sprint event.  The training centre had two athletes, Colin Ferrie and Sebastien Dandurand competing in the junior final (finished 5th and 6th, respectively).

In the words of coach Chris Manhard: "We would have liked to win a medal, but we had some technical issues, including Stefan Sander-Green losing a ski in his heat.  There are still a number of americans competing in the events and if they are taking out of the results tally all of the CVTC athletes finished within the top-20 Canadians.  This is certainly a strong result for the team and an indiciation of the successful training they do together."

Whistler was again the epitome of spring skiing and the afternoon was extremely warm - providing for a bit of shake-up in the results compared to the qualifer. 

Friday will be a day off and the final events are on Saturday.  The CVTC team will be pushed to their limits with a 50 km skate event for the seniors and 30 km for juniors.  The mass start events depart at 9:00 and 9:05 respectively.

Summary of Sprint Results (Junior): Colin Ferrie (5th), Sebastien Dandurand (6th), Paul Dupuis (9th), Stefan Sander-Green (13th), Fred Weaver (18th)

Summary of Sprint Results (Senior): Sebastien Townsend (16th), Geoffrey Richards (20th), Yannick Lapierre (23rd), Martin Schrama (24th).

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