2013 Ski Nationals - Day 5 - Senior Rest Day

Question and answer with Coach Chris Manhard.

Did the CVTC athletes ski today?
Some did some didn't.  The ones that did tested their skis to make sure they're still going well.  Yesterday some of them thought their skis were a bit draggy so they're just checking their selection.  Another reason to re-test the skis is to confirm that they are running well in the morning conditions, too.  Yesterday their race was in the afternoon and the qualifer is in the morning tomorrow so the snow will be quite different. 

Where do you think that the boys can improve?
Tomorrow will be very different from yesterday with the shorter distance.  I think the sprint, for a lot of them, will be good.  It is hard to do one day on, one day off: the athletes lose the super-stoked feeling.  Many of them actually wanted to race today.

What's the forecast for tomorrow?
The forecast is calling for all sunshine the rest of the week.  Temperatures are supposed to be -1C overnight and +15C to +20C during the day.  Yesterday it was +20C against the wax trailer!  The skiing conditions have been unbelievable: the track is staying quite hard and there is no need to salt except at the very beginning of the start lane.  It has actually been very hard in the morning (it's like concrete) which makes the corners super sketchy.

Will heat have impact on ahtletes or do you think they're prepared?
Based on yesterdays results, where many of the training centers did not perform well, the heat may be an advantage to the CVTC.  Tomorrow's race will come down to the stadium and how strongly you can double pole through the wet and slow snow.  Mental toughness will make the difference.

Anything else?
Everybody is well prepared but it's been a long season.  Colin Ferrie would have liked to do better yesterday, but it's been a long season and he's quite tired.  Stefan Sander-Green also had a tough go in the last downhill yesterday: he was battling for 3rd until that point. 

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